The Adventures of Sir Differel Van Helsing

Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

In the Medb hErenn Universe, there be monsters. Officially known as Paranormal Beings, they are non-supernatural creatures that are not yet officially recognized by science. Nonetheless, their existence is accepted without a doubt by the governmental organizations that are tasked with dealing with them. This existence is kept a closely guarded secret, for fear of widespread panic, or persons otherwise unprepared engaging in vigilant activities. As a result, the average citizen is able to go about his daily life, ignorant of the forces of darkness arrayed against him, as various agencies stand like a shield wall between him and the monsters of which he is unaware.

For God, Queen, and Country

In Great Britain, the agency that protects the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth from monsters is the Caerleon Order of the Companions of St. George. Formed at the turn of the twentieth century, it is now run by an extraordinary woman, Sir Differel Van Helsing, Btss. A descendent of the illustrious Abraham Van Helsing and the legendary King Arthur, she has dedicated her life to defending her Sovereign, Church, and Country.

Aside from the resources of the Order and the British government, she has two primary weapons: the greatsword Caliburn, better known as Excalibur, and Vlad Drakulya, the Master Vampire, better known as Count Dracula. Her own exploits have become the stuff of legend, and with the help of her faithful butler and staff, Medb hErenn, and Team Girl, she fulfills the vow made when she became Director:

We Hold the Line, and This Line Shall Not Be Crossed!

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