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Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

Sir Differel Van Helsing inherited her position as Director of the Caerleon Order from her father, rather than being appointed, but for all that, she has proven herself to be the ideal person for the role, despite being handicapped by her gender. By tradition, the leaders of high-level government agencies in the United Kingdom had always been male aristocrats, but she broke that mold, mostly because of her command of Vlad Drakulya. What follows is information gleaned from her official dossier at the Order.

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Birth Name: Differel Isolde Churchill Pendragon
Full Legal Name: The Right Honourable and Excellent Sir Differel Isolde Churchill Pendragon Van Helsing Plunkett, Viscountess Dunwich, Baroness Denver, National Hero of Jamaica, Btss, GMOD, GC, OC, LG, AC, GIM, PC, ACI, CGH, ONH, DSM, DC*SS

Order Title: Director / Pendragon
Military Rank: 1-star rank / NATO Code OF-6 (Honourary); the equivalent of Brigadier or Major General in most countries, of Senior Colonel in others

Official Biography
Excerpt from a secret psychiatric evaluation

Caerleon Order Record Card [Download]
Caerleon Order ID Card [Download]
Caerleon Order Business Card [Download]

Read her write-up in the May 2011 issue of H-M PRIVY, the official gazette of Her Majesty's Privy Council.

Read her interview in the July 2011 issue of Peer's Quarterly, the premier social magazine of the British Peerage.

Note [Top Secret – Ultra Level Clearance – For Your Eyes Only]: Sir Differel has acquired the ability to send her mind to an alternative reality known as the Dreamlands while she sleeps. This places her beyond the jurisdiction and control of Her Majesty's government, and constitutes a potential threat.

Important Dates

Birth: 9th of May, 1976
Ascension: 15th of May, 1997
Marriage: 25th of January, 2001
Partus: 5th of October, 2001
Widowed: 15th of March, 2004

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5 foot 7 inches (67 in, 170 cm)
Weight: 10 stone 5 (145 lbs, 65.8 kg)
Hair Color: Smoke-gray
Eye Color: Cloud-gray
Skin Tone: Medium tan

Marks & Scars:

  • Gunshot graze wound: left upper arm below shoulder (1988)
  • puncture wound: left back shoulder blade (1988)
  • puncture wound: right lower arm above wrist (1988)
  • multiple slash wounds: arms, abdomen, lower back, hips, thighs (2004)
  • arrow-point wound: left side above hip (2010)
  • claw lacerations: front of both thighs (2010)
  • [Note — these original marks and scars were erased when her physical body was replaced in 2011]
  • gunshot graze wound: left side of head across temple (2012)
  • claw gash and puncture wounds: front of left thigh (2012)

Ethnic Characteristics

Race: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Citizenship: United Kingdom


  • Paternal — Swedish, Dutch, German, Anglo Saxon, Norman, Danish
  • Maternal — Welsh, Scottish, Cornish


Family Tree and Heraldry

Marital Status: Widowed

  • Husband: Victor Edward Plunkett, 26th Viscount Dunwich (D)
  • Mother-in-Law: Muriel Plunkett née Cartwright, Dowager Viscountess Dunwich
  • Sister-in-Law: Emily Plunkett

Children: (1) son

  • Son: Henry Abraham Vlad Helsing-Plunkett, 27th Viscount Dunwich

[Note: These are the members of Differel's immediate family who were alive when she was born or married. Those that have subsequently died are denoted by "(D)"]

  • Father: Sir Henry Arthur Richard Van Helsing (D)
  • Paternal Aunt: Abigail Diana Jane Van Helsing (?)
  • Paternal Grandfather: Sir Miles Gordon Arbuthnott Van Helsing (D)
  • Paternal Grandmother: Victoria Constance Lady Van Helsing née Fairbrook (D)
  • Paternal Great-Grandmother: Katherine Frances Lady Van Helsing née Wingates (D)

  • Mother: Gwendolyn Isolde Lady Van Helsing née Pendragon (D)
  • Maternal Aunt: Miranda Guinevere Baroness Pendragon (D?)
  • Maternal Grandmother: Morgause Hortence Pendragon (D)


  • Voivode Vlad III Tepes Drakulya (Count Dracula)
  • Medb hErenn
  • Eile Chica and Sonne "Sunny" Hiver (Team Girl)
  • Lady Margaret Rose Chesham
  • Magdalene Ingrid King "Miss Primary" (double and Manager)
  • Aelfraed Dalton Walters (butler and Chief of Staff)
  • WO Giles Milton Holt (Master at Arms)
  • Helena Victoria Widget, née Walters (housekeeper)
  • Sharona Julie Turing (Chief Analyst and Logician)
  • Thaddeus Carmichael, MD (Chief Surgeon and Medic)
  • Sir Edward Wallace Penbryn, OM, GBE, CH, PC, FRS (D; former godfather and Liaison to the Privy Council)
  • Jeremy Steele the Earl of Strattmoore (Lord President of the Privy Council)
  • Cmdr. Sir Gordon Bond Clayton, RN(ret), KBE (Agent Security Service MI5)


  • Attended Gresham's School from Reception (age 4) to start of Year 8 (age 12); "asked to leave" (expelled) due to continued interference by Vlad
  • Home-schooled for remainder of Year 8 (age 13), Third Form (Year 9; age 13-14), Fourth Form (Year 10; age 14-15), and Fifth Form (Year 11; age 15-16)
  • Passed the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams at the end of Fifth Form (1992) in the following subjects:
    • English Language — A
    • English Literature — A*
    • Mathematics — B
    • Science — B
    • Information Communication Technology — B
    • Design and Technology — A
    • French — A
    • Welsh — A*
    • Latin — A
    • Religious Education — A
    • Citizenship — A
    • Music — A*
  • Attended Gresham's School for Sixth Form (Years 12 & 13; age 16-18)
  • Passed the Advanced Level General Certificate of Education exams at the end of Sixth Form (1994) in the following subjects:
    • Ancient History — A
    • Archaeology — A
    • Critical Thinking — A
    • General Studies — B
    • Government and Politics — B
    • History — A
    • Media Studies — B
    • Psychology — B
    • Religious Studies — A
  • Attended Gresham's School from 1994 to 1996 (age 18-20) and graduated with an International Baccalaureate Diploma studying the following subjects:
    • English, Higher Level
    • Welsh A2, Standard Level
    • History, Higher Level
    • Design Technology, Higher Level
    • Mathematical Studies, Standard Level
    • Music, Standard Level
  • Enrolled in Somerville College, Oxford, in 1996, but dropped out after a year due to pressures of being director
  • Enrolled in the College of West Anglia in 2003 at Victor's suggestion, in the Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in History and English Literature, but dropped out in 2004 after Victor's death


Her Favorite Weapons

Defendu (Militarised)

  • taught killing techniques as well as self-defense

Spirit Combat Jujitsu

  • black belt


  • modernized form of the late-Victorian eclectic martial art

Military/Special Forces

  • All Arms Commando Course (Armed Forces)
  • The Commando Course (Royal Marines)
  • Selection Tests (Special Air Service SAS)
    • The Hill Phase
      • The Fan Dance
      • The Long Drag
    • The Jungle Phase
  • Combat Survival Exercise w Escape & Evasion (SAS)

Dagger (Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife)

  • Champion, SAS Combat Trials — Civilian (Junior) Knife Division, 1994
  • Champion, SAS Combat Trials — Civilian (Junior) Knife Division, 1995

Fencing (Sabre)

  • Bronze Medal, Norfolk Fencing Tournament — Junior Division, 1994
  • Silver Medal, Norfolk Fencing Tournament — Junior Division, 1995
  • Gold Medal, Norfolk Fencing Tournament — Junior Division, 1996
  • Gold Medal, Norfolk Fencing Tournament — Open Division, 1997
  • Silver Medal, East Anglia Fencing Tournament — Open Division, 2000
  • Gold Medal, East Anglia Fencing Tournament — Open Division, 2001
  • Gold Medal, East Anglia Fencing Tournament — Open Division, 2002
  • Gold Medal, East Anglia Fencing Tournament — Open Division, 2003
  • Grand Champion, Gwynedd Tourney at Arms — Veteran Division, 2006 (won the required three out of five dueling contests)
  • Platinum Cross, Queen's Charity Gala Tournament — Champion Division, 2009


  • Renshi roku-dan and fifth-level Nihon Kendo Kata
  • Second Place, The 12th Global Kendo Championship, 2003


  • Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu two-sword technique, Okuden grade

Rapier (Italian, Mysterious Circle, Jacobean English dueling styles)

  • Grand Champion, Gwynedd Tourney at Arms — Veteran Division, 2006 (won the required three out of five dueling contests)
  • 2nd Prize, First International Dueling Championship — Rapier, 2008
  • Champion, Gwynedd Tourney at Arms — Veteran Division, 2009
  • 1st Prize, Second International Dueling Championship — Rapier, 2010

Longsword (Kunst des Fechtens style)

  • Grand Champion, Gwynedd Tourney at Arms — Veteran Division, 2006 (won the required three out of five dueling contests)
  • 1st Prize, First International Dueling Championship — Longsword, 2008
  • Champion, Gwynedd Tourney at Arms — Veteran Division, 2009
  • 2nd Prize, Second International Dueling Championship — Longsword, 2010

Broadsword (Scottish fencing style)

  • 3rd Prize, Cowal Highland Gathering, 2009
  • 2nd Prize, Cowal Highland Gathering, 2011

Great Sword (Caliburn; Pendragon style)

  • 1st Prize, First International Dueling Championship — Great Sword, 2008
  • 1st Prize, Second International Dueling Championship — Great Sword, 2010
  • 1st Prize, Cowal Highland Gathering, 2011


  • Queen's Medal for Champion Shots (Pistol), 1990, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010



  • English (native tongue; UN official language; business, science, technology lingua franca)
  • French (UN official language; former diplomatic lingua franca)
  • Spanish (UN official language; commercial lingua franca)
  • Russian (UN official language; former Soviet bloc lingua franca)
  • Chinese, Modern Standard (UN official language; former East Asian, Pacifica lingua franca)
  • Arabic (UN official language; Islamic lingua franca)
  • Latin (Catholic/Vatican City lingua franca)
  • Italian (artistic lingua franca)
  • Japanese (current East Asian, Pacifica lingua franca)
  • Welsh (Pendragon ancestral language)
  • Romanian, Medieval (Dracula's language)


  • German (2nd most common language spoken in Europe)
  • Dutch (Van Helsing ancestral language)
  • Hindi (Indian sub-continent lingua franca)
  • Swahili (East African lingua franca)


Swedish, Portuguese, Old English, Old French, Old Norse, Klingon (tlhIngan Hol)

Honours, Decorations, and Medals

Descriptions of her honours & decorations.

  • 16th Baronetess of Denver (Btss 1988)
  • Order of the Dragon, Knight Grand Cross with Swords (1988)
  • Order of the Dragon, Grand Master (GMOD 1997)
  • Honourary Rank of Brigadier, British Army (1997)
  • Hero of Britain (1998)
  • George Cross (GC 1998)
  • Most Noble Order of the Garter (LG 1998)
  • Life Peerage (Baroness Denver, 1998)
  • Grant of Arms (1998)
  • Grendel Invasion Medal (GIM 1998)
  • Member, House of Lords (1999)
  • Order of Canada, Officer (OC 1999)
  • Order of Australia, Companion (AC 1999)
  • Honourary Australian Citizenship (1999)
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom w Distinction (US, 1999)
  • Viscountess Dunwich (by marriage, 2001)
  • Meritorious Service Medal (NATO, 2003)
  • Order of Leopold, Grand Officer (Belgium, 2003)
  • Chief of Staff Medal of Appreciation (2005)
  • Righteous among the Nations (Israel, 2005)
  • Honourary Israeli Citizenship (2005)
  • Distinguished Service Medal (DSM US, 2007)
  • Heirloom Basket-hilted Broadsword (Scotland, 2008)
  • Ricemarch Psalter (Wales, 2009)
  • Order of the Golden Heart of Kenya, Chief (CGH Kenya, 2009)
  • Ashoka Chakra Award (ACI India, 2010)
  • Order of National Hero (ONH Jamaica, 2010)
  • Honourary Jamaican Citizenship (2010)
  • Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Sylvester Pope and Martyr, Dame Commander with Star (DC*SS Vatican City, 2011)
  • Lady of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council (PC 2011)

Memberships and Associations

  • Grand Master, Order of the Dragon
  • Third-degree Mason, Provincial Grand Lodge of Norfolk (non-active)
  • Seventh-degree Mason, The Order of Women Freemasons, Norfolk Lodge
  • Member, the Athenaeum Club (non-active)
  • Member, the Carlton Club (non-active)
  • Member, the New Cavendish Club (non-active)
  • Member, the University Women's Club
  • Coach and Bowler, Drac's Bats, Caerleon Order Cricket Team


Gymnastics, swimming, horseback riding, cricket, chess, antiquarianism, illustration, dramatic recitation, fantasy fiction, cello, organ, motorcycles

Personal Property

Descriptions of her personal property.

  • Adlerlager Castle, Austria (destroyed)
  • Airbus A380 Wide-body Double-deck Jet Airliner
  • Aston Martin DBS Volante Coupé
  • Bath Terraced House
  • Belfast End Terraced House
  • Boeing 737NG-800 Narrow-body Jet Airliner
  • Bran Castle, Romania
  • Camdel Castle, Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Cardiff End Terraced House
  • Carter Personal Air Vehicle Autogyro
  • Dahut Morgen 42-meter Ocean Explorer Class Superyacht
  • Denver Ancestral Estate and Manor
  • Downham Market Townhouse
  • Edinburgh Colony House
  • Eurocopter EC135 Light Utility Helicopter
  • Hælsing 85-meter Superyacht
  • Hummer H3 Sport Utility Vehicle
  • Hummer HX Sport Utility Vehicle
  • Jaguar XFR Saloon
  • Lancer Strider Gran Coupè Powerboat
  • Land Rover Series IIA Station Wagon
  • Lotus Exige Coupé
  • Mabuse Electromagnetic Speedboat
  • New York Condominium
  • Northwest Highlands Manor House
  • Penarddun 61-meter Superyacht
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom Saloon
  • Sabrina 75-meter Superyacht
  • Sikorsky S-92 Medium-lift Transport Helicopter
  • Torquay Mansion
  • Triumph Bonneville T120 Motorcycle
  • Triumph Rocket III Touring Motorcycle
  • Triumph Tiger 955i Dual-sport Motorcycle
  • Volkner Mobil Performance Motorhome

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