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Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

In one important aspect, Sir Differel Van Helsing is a contradiction. On the one hand, she demonstrates the power of an independent and self-reliant individual to accomplish anything he or she has the will to strive after. On the other, however, she proves the adage that no one can succeed at anything alone. While everything she has done has resulted from her leadership and actions, she had help every time, whether directly or indirectly. At the very least, she could not have been a hero without adversaries to confront.

What follows is a list of everyone who have been involved in Sir Differel's adventures: family, colleagues, allies, enemies, and adversaries, with links to pages providing more detailed information.

Vlad Ţepeş Drăkulya

Vlad Tepes Drakulya, more popularly known as Count Dracula, is Sir Differel's greatest asset. He is one of the most powerful Vampire extant, both due to his age (he is over 500 years old) and his knowledge of the Dark Arts, superstitiously referred to as 'black magic'. His primary purpose is to protect the Van Helsing bloodline—Sir Differel and her son Henry—but he also serves as her strongest weapon. As he once told her, it makes no difference whether he destroys monsters in defence of her life or because she sends him out to hunt them down; the end result is exactly the same.


For the first quarter-century of her life, Sir Differel avoided emotional entanglements out of the fear that they would weaken her, or could be used against her. She didn't believe she could risk her life if she had loved ones to consider, and enemies could hold them hostage in an attempt to compromise her. However, she made the mistake of believing that all she had to do was simply not allow herself to fall in love and the problem could be avoided. It seemed so simple: all she had to do was give them the cold shoulder and most suitors left her alone after a few attempts. For those who were more insistent,...well, suffice to say that she is a master of unarmed combat. A broken nose or a black eye was enough to discourage even the most ardent would-be lover. But one day she met someone who awakened in her feelings that she never knew she had. Despite her best attempts to discourage him, he persisted until her resistance was worn down and she surrendered her heart to him. The result was marriage and a child. Though her fears were realized, she does not for one moment regret this unexpected turn in her life.

Victor Edward Plunkett, 26th Viscount Dunwich, is Sir Differel's deceased husband. He served as a special envoy for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of HM government, acting as a diplomatic troubleshooter to solve problems local offices were incapable of or unwilling to tackle themselves. When he met Sir Differel it was love at first sight on his part, but he had to work to convince her that she loved him too. Though never an official member of the Caerleon Order, he often participated in diplomatic missions on its behalf.

Henry Abraham Vlad Helsing-Plunkett, 27th Viscount Dunwich, is Sir Differel's son, sole offspring, and heir. After his father, Victor Plunkett, was killed when he was 3, Sir Differel gave him to her in-laws to be raised. When he was 9, however, he became reconciled to her when she rescued him from a Serpent Man bent on usurping him. Since then she has dedicated her life to keeping him safe and training him to take over the Order when he turns 21. Being precocious, he is sometimes the unwitting instigator of her adventures.


As an aristocrat with an ancestral manor, Sir Differel has an entire household of servants at her command, and as Director of the Caerleon Order she has a staff to carry out her directives. However, she is no pampered peeress incapable of taking care of herself. Rather, she cannot effectively perform her duties as Director if she must also do her own shopping, cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Similarly, the days of yore, when Old Abraham Van Helsing could do everything himself with just the help of Mina Harker and Dr. John Seward, and later his grown children, are long gone. She needs a large organization of analysts, field agents, and paramilitary troops to handle 99% of the work that needs to be done.

For more information on the staff, see The Organization of the Caerleon Order and The Estate Domestic Service Structure.

Below is a gallery of Sir Differel's senior staff. Click on an image to learn more about them.

Aelfraed D. Walters
Butler/Chief of Staff
Mrs. Helena Widget
WO Giles Holt
Maggie King
Sharona Turing
Chief Analyst
Madam Phillipa Trumbo
Executive Chef
Maj. T. Carmichael, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Elizabeth Mabuse
Science Officer


Though Sir Differel can accomplish her mission with her staff alone, she has found it prudent to cultivate allies to aide her as needed. Most are members of HM Government; some are former enemies or individuals who should be enemies but have decided they share common cause with the Order. The remaining few are the closest Sir Differel would acknowledge as friends.

Below is a gallery of some of Sir Differel's allies. Click on an image to learn more about them.


In the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams, El-ahrairah is the great, semi-divine trickster folk hero of the rabbit protagonists. His name means "The Prince with a Thousand Enemies", and is a reference to the fact that rabbits are preyed upon by nearly every predatory animal. This is exemplified by a line from a legend that goes:

"All the world will be your enemy....And when they catch you, they will kill you."

It often feels to Sir Differel like she also has a thousand enemies, all bent on her destruction and that of the Caerleon Order. And whenever she eliminates one or turns it into an ally, another one arises to take its place. It's part of the reason she feels so worn out, and despairs that she can ever guarantee the safety of Sovereign, Church, and Country. But she draws some hope from the concluding line of that passage:

"Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed."

So far, she has managed to live up to that advice.

Below is a Rogue's Gallery of some of Sir Differel's enemies. Click on an image to learn more about them.

Differel Diabolique Célestine M. Duprée Miranda Pendragon
The Princess in Orange The Spirit of the Oaks Nuthia Su'h
Deborah Alice Wechsler    


Paranormal creatures, popularly known as monsters, are the raison d'être for the Order's existence. Though they are not personal adversaries like Sir Differel's enemies, she does run into them fairly frequently when she goes off monster hunting with Vlad, Team Girl, or Lady Margaret.

Below is a Rogue's Gallery of some of paranormal creatures Sir Differel must face. Click on an image to learn more about them.

Cenobites Faeries Fomorians
Goblins Hags Jar-Brains
Outré Cats    

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