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As a style of writing, drabbles are unusual. They are expected to be traditional narratives, with protagonists, conflict, and resolutions, but no more than 100 words in length, and often exactly 100 words at that. They are meant to be a challenge, to test the writer's ability to tell a memorable and compelling story in an extremely confined space.

We'll let our readers decide if we've succeeded.


As the moon passed from behind the clouds, Sir Differel spotted the werewolf across the moor. It howled and charged. She stood her ground; she could never outrun it. When it closed to ten feet it leapt at her. Caliburn appeared in her hand; she pivoted to one side, pirouetted, and swung the sword. It caught the monster in the chest and sliced it in half. The body flew past her and rolled a short distance before coming to rest. She watched it for a few seconds, then willed the sword to vanish. She lit a cigarillo before turning away.


A hideous monster faced Differel, Vlad, and Holt while they stood surrounded by a sea of flames.

"Look upon me and despair, for I have the largest weapon of all!" It carried a large war hammer.

Vlad held up one of his pistols. "Sorry to disappoint, but mine is larger."

Holt raised an anti-material rifle. "Mine's even bigger than that!"

Differel brandished Caliburn. "On the contrary, gentlemen, mine is bigger than all of yours."

All three stare at her with baffled expressions, then glanced at each other.

"Penis envy," Vlad said.

"Definitely," Holt agreed.

"Without a doubt," the monster concurred.

"Shut it, you bloody wankers!" Differel raged.


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