Vlad Ţepeş Drăkulya

Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

Count Dracula, known more formally as Vlad Ţepeş Drăkulya, is the most powerful Vampire extant. Though only 500 years old, he is more powerful than Vampires twenty times that age, and is even more powerful than the dreaded Nosferatu, who are feared by even other Vampires. It is therefore all the more amazing that this paragon of monsters should willingly protect Humanity from others of his kind, especially considering the contempt he hold for Mankind. Yet he serves with dedication and loyalty, even to the point of risking his own life, though he claims to be only a weapon in the hands of Sir Differel Van Helsing. What follows is information gleaned from his official dossier at the Order.

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Birth Name: Vlad
Full Legal Name: Vlad III Ţepeş Drăkulya

Order Title: Monster
Rank: Thrall

Official Biography

Caerleon Order Record Card [Download]

Important Dates

Birth: 21 December, 1431
Inducted Order of the Dragon: 1436
Voivode (I): 1448
Marriage (I): 1452 – 1457
Voivode (II): 1456 – 1462
Marriage (II): 1457 – 1462
Crusade Against Ottoman Turks: 1459 – 1462
Marriage (III): 1463 – 1476
Voivode (III): 1476
Killed/Turned: 1476
Attended Scholomance: 1637 – 1664
Acquired Castel Drăkulyşti: 1666
Became Conte Drăkulya: 1670
Invasion of Great Britain: 1894 – 1895
Conquered Abraham Van Helsing: 1895
Imprisoned: 1957
Released: 1988

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6 foot 6 inches (78 in, 198 cm)
Weight: 12 stone 0 (168 lbs, 76.2 kg)
Hair Color: Iron-gray
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skin Tone: Pale ruddy

Marks & Scars: Eyes glow red in the dark

Ethnic Characteristics

Race: Caucasian (Vampire)
Nationality: Romanian
Citizenship: None (United Kingdom/Romanian)

Ancestry: Romanian, Moldovan


[Note: Those that have died are denoted by "(D)"]

Marital Status: Widower

  • Wife (I): Cnaejna Bathory of Transylvania (D)
  • Wife (II): Jusztina Szilagyi of Moldavia (D)
  • Wife (III): Ilona Szilágyi of Wallachia (D)
  • Numerous female Vampire companions

Children: (4) sons, (1) daughter

  • Son: Radu (D)
  • Son: Vlad IV Ţepeluş (D)
  • Son: Mihnea I cel Rău (D)
  • Son: Mihail (D)
  • Daughter: Zaleska (D)
  • Father: Vlad II Drăkul (D)
  • Paternal Grandfather: Mircea I cel Bătrân (D)
  • Mother: Unknown (raised by Cneajna of Moldavia) (D)
  • Brother: Mircea II (D)
  • Brother: Vlad IV Călugărul (D)
  • Brother: Radu III cel Frumos (D)


  • Giovanna Mencia Borgia (former companion)
  • Medb hErenn
  • Wilhelmina "Mina" Harker née Murray (former companion)
  • Sir Differel Isolde Churchill Pendragon Van Helsing Plunkett (Director, Caerleon Order; current master)
  • Henry Abraham Vlad Helsing-Plunkett, 64th Viscount Dunwich (future master)
  • Eile Chica and Sonne "Sunny" Hiver (Team Girl)
  • Magdalene Ingrid King (Manager, Caerleon Order)
  • Aelfraed Dalton Walters (Chief of Staff, Caerleon Order)
  • WO Giles Milton Holt (Master-at-Arms, Caerleon Order)
  • Helena Victoria Widget, née Walters
  • Sharona Julie Turing (Chief Analyst and Logician, Caerleon Order)
  • Thaddeus Carmichael, MD (Chief Surgeon and Medical Officer, Caerleon Order)


  • Private tutoring in Târgovişte
    • Geography
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Classical Arts
    • Philosophy
  • Student of Yusef ben Mustafa at the Ottoman Court
    • Logic
    • the Quran
    • Literature
    • Games
    • Alchemy
  • Studied the Dark Arts at the School of Scholomance


Weapons Provided by the Caerleon Order

  • Combat Skills
  • Horsemanship


  • Romanian, Medieval (native tongue)
  • Old Church Slavonic
  • German
  • Latin
  • Turkish
  • Persian
  • His knowledge of the Dark Arts allows him to understand any spoken tongue

Honours, Decorations, and Medals

  • Order of the Dragon (1436)
  • Order of the Crown, Grand Officer (Romania, 1945)
  • Grendel Invasion Medal (GIM 1998)

Memberships and Associations

  • Order of the Dragon
  • Manager, Drac's Bats, Caerleon Order Cricket Team


Chess, miniature wargames, poker, video games, mystic powers, science

Personal Property

  • None

We Hold the Line, and This Line Shall Not Be Crossed!