Missions and Operations

Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

Adventure is the life-blood of any hero; just ask Team Girl! But never more so than for Sir Differel Van Helsing. A swashbuckler at heart, she loves nothing better than to throw herself against the enemy and take it apart with Caliburn. It helps to relieve her strain and tension as she worries about whether she can properly protect the people of Britain.

This site was set up to present information about Sir Differel and the Caerleon Order, and that includes her adventures as she battles paranormal threats on behalf of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, with the help of a loyal staff and numerous allies, sympathetic neutral parties, and occasional adversaries. These adventures take three forms: stories, webcomics, and cartoons.

  • Literature — prose works written by Kevin L. O'Brien. Differel started out as a Team Girl character, hence a number of these stories feature the Girls as the main characters, with Differel playing a supporting role. In others, however, these roles are reversed, with the Girls playing supportive or peripheral roles, and in the rest they do not appear at all. All the stories on this site, however, feature Differel in a prominent role; in fact, all the stories are about her, even if she is not the main protagonist. The only stories not found here are those that are not about her even though she is involved. These include the Team Girl Alternative Reality stories in which Differel plays other roles. The stories on this site are only those with her as Director of the Caerleon Order. The pages give excerpts of published stories and provide links to where they may be purchased and downloaded.
  • Webcomics — Web-based comics written by Kevin L. O'Brien and drawn by Lon Ryden. These are single-page vignettes of a facetious nature, with occasional poignant or serious overtones. They were inspired by Hellsing-fan webcomics, which often portray the manga characters in humorous, even burlesque, situations. However, there are no plans for Differel x Dracula slash pornography. Sorry to disappoint.
  • Stickfigure Theatre — Cartoons written and drawn by Kevin L. O'Brien. These are done for pure fun, and depict the characters in an irreverent and subversive manner, as all good cartoons do and should. They were inspired by the dilemma that Mr. O'Brien had many ideas for webcomic episodes, but no artistic talent and insufficient funds to pay an artist. Then he was struck by the idea that an inability to draw should be no barrier to producing his own comic. Embracing the liberating realization that if a comic cannot be good, it might as well be unrelentingly bad, he created Stickfigure Theatre as a tongue-in-cheek parody of the many amateurish webcomics he had seen on the web. The Theatre makes no excuses for its poor art, and has no pretensions to being anything other than a silly diversion. Enjoy.

Fan stories, comics, and Theatre pieces are welcome. However, we maintain high standards for the stories and comics, while the Theatre gags should maintain the atrocious drawing style it has made famous: i.e., all characters should be stick figures. As well, we will not accept anything pornographic, degrading, or otherwise offensive, or for the Theatre anything serious and uplifting. Send all inquiries to Aelfraed or Vlad Drakulya, but please do not bother the Director. She has enough aggravation to fill her day.

We Hold the Line, and This Line Shall Not Be Crossed!