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Along with land vehicles, aircraft serve important roles in the Order for combat, surveillance, and transport. They can go places vehicles cannot, and the larger ones can transport vehicles in their holds. They can also ferry troops and supplies over bodies of water vehicles would have to go around or are unable to cross. All Order aircraft are stationed at Royal Air Force Station Marham, outside of Marham, Norfolk, except for HMA Britannic, which is stationed at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands.


Whenever the Order requires air support or transport during an operation, it relies mostly on helicopters. Its fleet is not particularly large, but it has enough of the different types to get the job done, and it can call in more if necessary.

Westland Gazelle
Light Helicopter
Reconnaissance / Attack
Crew: 2+3   Armour: None
Range: 416 mi   Speed: 164/193 mph
Sensors: Decca Doppler 80 Radar
Primary: (2) 19-Tube CRV7 Rocket Launchers (Optional)
Secondary: (2) L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun (Optional)

This helicopter is used mostly for reconnaissance and surveillance, but it can be outfitted with weapons for light attack or ground support roles. It can also serve as rapid transport for infiltrators or VIPs.

AgustaWestland Apache AH1
Attack Helicopter
Close Air Support
Crew: 2   Armour: Titanium Shell, Redundancies
Range: 334 mi   Speed: 161/182/227 mph
Sensors: Fire-control Radar, Radar Frequency Interferometer, Arrowhead
Primary: M230 Chain Gun with 1156 rounds; HEDP, HEI
Secondary: Hellfire ATM or Starstreak AAM
Tertiary: (4) 19-Tube CRV7 Rocket Launchers

Originally conceived of as a tank killer, this helicopter excels in the attack and close air support role. Though most effective against large, armoured monsters, its rockets can be used against monster hordes on the ground.

Westland Lynx
Multipurpose Military Helicopter
Anti-Submarine / Anti-tank / Search & Rescue / Utility
Crew: 2+10   Armour: None
Range: 328 mi   Speed: 201 mph
Sensors: 360° Radar, Electro-optical Sensor Turret
Primary: (2) Torpedoes or (4) Sea Eagle ASM or (2) depth charges or (2) 20mm Cannons
Secondary: (2) 19-Tube CRV7 Rocket Launchers or (2) L1A1 Heavy Machine Guns

This is the Order's workhorse helicopter, in that it is used for a wide variety of purposes. However, even when used for transport or search and rescue, it is often armed, both for self-defense and to protect troops on the ground.

AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin
Medium-lift Helicopter
Anti-Submarine / Transport / Utility
Crew: 4+24 seated / 45 standing   Armour: None
Range: 863 mi   Speed: 192 mph
Sensors: TACAN, Surveillance radar / Forward-looking Infrared
Primary: (2) Sea Eagle ASM or (4) Torpedoes or (4) depth charges or (4) 19-Tube CRV7 Rocket Launchers
Secondary: (5) L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun

This is the Order's primary troop tansport helicopter, as well as its evacuation vehicle, being able to carry 16 litters with medics. It can also serve as an anti-submarine or surface ship or ground attack helicopter, as well as perform general utility functions.


There are certain tasks for which helicopters are unsuited. For these, the Order uses fixed-wind aircraft. With two exceptions, the Order has access to only one of each type, but for the time being it doesn't need more.

Lockheed Martin Desert Hawk
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Reconnaissance / Surveillance
Crew: 0 (unmanned)   Armour: None
Range: 9.3 mi   Speed: 34-58 mph
Sensors: 360° Electro-optical Infrared Imager, Signals Intelligence
Primary: None
Secondary: None

The electronic battlefield is just as effective when used against monsters as against Human enemy combatants. In addition to using satellites, manned surveillance aircraft, and the sensor system aboard HMA Britannic, the Order makes use of this vehicle to collect battlefield intelligence in real time. The Order keeps a half-dozen in service for use by ground troops.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Reconnaissance / Surveillance / Patrol / Mapping
Crew: 0 (unmanned)   Armour: None
Range: 18 hours   Speed: 103 mph / 138 mph
Sensors: Electro-optical/Infrared Imaging, Synthetic Apeture Radar
Primary: None
Secondary: None

The original purpose of HMA Britannic was to oversee joint military operations by the army, navy, and air force. As such, it needed to be able to collect battlefield intelligence in real time. While its own sensor and analysis capabilities helped tremendously, augmented by satellite feeds and reports from reconnaissance and surveillance forces, it also needed to be able to see "beyond the horizon" of the local battleground. To accomplish this, the airship was equipped with a dozen HERTI UAVs to overfly areas it could not and where no forces were stationed, including behind enemy lines. The Order still uses these vehicles to help the airship investigate and interdict paranormal events. Each has a direct satellite link with Britannic so that its information can be instantly relayed back to the airship.

Britten-Norman Defender 4000
Multi-role Utility Aircraft
Transport / Patrol / Reconnaissance / Attack
Crew: 3   Armour: None
Range: 991-1158 mi   Speed: 173/202 mph
Sensors: 360° Search Radar, Electro-optical/Infrared Imaging, 120° Surface Scan/Weather Radar, Thermal Imaging
Primary: (2) Sea Skua ASM or (2) Torpedoes or (2) L1A1 Heavy Machine Guns or (2) 19-Tube CRV7 Rocket Launchers (Optional)
Secondary: (2) 19-Tube CRV7 Rocket Launchers or (2) L7A2 General Purpose Machine Guns (Optional)

Much like the Gazelle and Lynx helicopters, this multipurpose aircraft can be used for a variety of roles, such as transport of sensitive cargo, VIPs, or critical supplies; reconnaissance or patrol of combat areas; and close air support attack. It is designed to travel to its destination at high speed, yet be able to loiter on site at lower speed for a long time.

British Aerospace Harrier II
Strike Aircraft
Ground Attack
Crew: 1   Armour: Composites
Range: 345 mi   Speed: 662 mph
Sensors: All-weather Multimode Radar, Forward-looking Infrared, CCD Electro-optical Camera, Laser Targeting
Primary: (2) ADEN Guns, (2) Paveway Series Laser-guided Bombs or (2) RBL755 Cluster Bombs or (2) Sea Eagle Anti-Ship Missiles or (2) ALARM or (2) WE.177 Nuclear Depth Bombs
Secondary: (2) AIM-9 Sidewinders, (4) 19-Tube CRV7 Rocket Launchers or (4) AIM-9 Sidewinders
Note: Primary weapon hardpoints can be used to carry Secondary weapons, and vice versa.

Despite being a paramilitary organization, the Order has almost no dedicated fighting vehicles; this aircraft is the only one. Three are carried by HMA Britannic as part of its normal compliment of weapons. They are used for ground and sea surface attacks, both to defend the airship and to support a joint operation.

Lockheed YF-21
Light Transport
Courier / Communications / Liaison
Crew: 1+1   Armour: Titanium/Composites
Range: 3,000 mi   Speed: Mach 3.35 (2,275 mph)
Sensors: Navigational Radar, GPS
Primary: None
Secondary: None

Communication is critical to any military or intelligence organization. This aircraft is based on a cancelled program to develop a supersonic fighter capable of Mach 3 or better. Instead, a joint US/UK venture created a light transport for courier duty. It can carrier one passenger, the equivalent weight in cargo, or several hundred terabytes of information. It is used whenever normal communications have been disrupted or compromised, or when normal transportation channels cannot be trusted or are too slow. It also has a limited VTOL capability. Though the British Armed Forces has first priority, the Order can use it as needed.

Airbus A400M
Long-range Military Transport
Tactical Airlifter
Crew: 4   Armour: None
Range: 3,450/2,450/2,050 mi   Speed: 480 mph
Payload: 81,600 lb   Capacity: 116 equipped troops
Sensors: Weather/Navigational Radar
Primary: None
Secondary: None

This transport is used to ferry Order personnel and equipment to wherever it is needed throughout the Commonwealth. Its range varies with its load, but in-air refueling allows it to go anywhere in the world. Even so, it is used for tactical transport only, being as its payload capacity does not allow for a mix of troops and vehicles.

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
Long-range Military Transport
Strategic Airlifter
Crew: 3   Armour: None
Range: 2,785 mi   Speed: 515 mph
Payload: 170,900 lb   Capacity: 225 equipped troops
Sensors: Weather/Navigational Radar
Primary: None
Secondary: None

This transport is able to carry twice the weight of the A400M over a greater distance. It is used for strategic transport, since it can carry an effective mix of troops and vehicles. Even so, the size of the force is still rather small.

Mabuse Verticopter
Thrust Vectoring Convertiplane
Surveillance / Reconnaissance / Patrol / Transport
Crew: 1+12 (max)   Armour: Composite Smart Skin
Range: 2,200/776 mi   Speed: 128/450/480 mph
Sensors: Artificial Brain/Sensory Package
Primary: Variable
Secondary: Variable

Dr. Elizabeth Mabuse is always tinkering with new ideas, even when working on one of her big breakthroughs. This craft is the result of a merger of a number of those ideas. It has VTOL capability like a helicopter, but can fly at high horizontal speeds like a turboprop airplane. Once it reaches its destination, it can loiter at low speeds for hours. It is composed of a composite smart skin material that can alter its properties depending upon conditions, even harden itself on impact, and has natural radar and infrared stealth capability. Though manually flown, it is controlled by an artificial brain linked to a sensory package that mimics animal senses, even smell, taste, and touch. It is scaleable in size from an unmanned aerial vehicle to a 13-person transport. It can carry a wide variety of payloads, including weapons of various types and sensor pods. It can perform reconnaissance and surveillance, patrol, and attack roles, as well as transport small infiltration teams into hostile territory, then loiter on site to provide ground support. Sir Differel Van Helsing is looking to have this craft mass produced.


The Order is one of the very few military organizations in the world that use airships for military purposes, and the only organization that has an airwarship. Britannic was originally built to be a command and control platform for joint armed forces operations, but when the Cold War ended the Ministry of Defence decided to scrap it. Sir Differel requested it, offering to take over its upkeep and maintenance, and the MoD agreed.

HMA Britannic
Britannia Class Command Cruiser
Command & Control / Reconnaissance
Crew: 243   Armour: Kevlar, Dyneema, Composites
Range: 13,700 mi   Speed: 202 mph / 230 mph
Sensors: SAMPSON Passive, S1850M Active Radar
Primary: (2) 4.5in guns, cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles
Secondary: (6) 30mm guns, anti-missile missiles, anti-aircraft missiles
Tertiary: 20mm cannons, miniguns, machine guns

For more information, see the HMA Britannic page.

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