Caerleon Order Artillery and Missiles

Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

Beyond grenades and land mines, the Order also utilizes a limited number of artillery weapons. Though it has no field cannons, it does possess the same kind of field ordinance regular infantry troops have access to.


A mortar is a smooth-bore indirect fire personal artillery weapon that uses explosive projectiles known as mortar bombs. Mortars typically have low muzzle velocities, short ranges, and high-arcing ballistic trajectories compared to field guns. They fill the gap between projectile grenades and artillery pieces.

British Army L16A2
Medium Mortar
Single Shot
Barrel Length: 50 in   Weight: 78 lb
Muzzle Velocity: 740 ft/s   Effective Range: 18,500 ft
Muzzle Loading
81mm 9.3 lb shells

This is the standard medium mortar issued to the British Armed Forces. It can be used by the infantry or mounted on a vehicle. The shells can use HE, WP, smoke, and illumination payloads. Because of its weight and size, it cannot be easily carried by a group of soldiers; each mortar must be disassembled and carried by three men, and one man can only carry four shells. As such, it is generally transported on vehicles along with sufficient ammunition to make its deployment worth the effort. As a result, the Order only uses it when it must confront a full-scale incursion.

Dragon Fire EFSS
Heavy Mortar
Full Automatic
Barrel Length: 110 in   Weight: 3,200 lb
Muzzle Velocity: 1,225 ft/s   Effective Range: 27,000 ft
Rate of Fire: 4 rounds/min
Recoil Breech-loading
120mm 18.7 lb shells
25-round ammunition box

M1129 Mortar Carrier
Stryker Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Mortar Carrier
Crew: 5   Armour: 14.5mm
Range: 300 mi   Speed: 62 mph
Primary: Dragon Fire II 120mm Heavy Mortar
Secondary: M240 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun

This self-propelled, fully automatic mortar was gifted to the Order by Unit 666 when its program was cancelled in 2009. Several allies of the United States had already received working units, and Lt. Gen. Morgan Leia Ross had decided that the Order should benefit from it as well. To date, it has only been used three times, but Sir Differel Van Helsing was glad to have it each time. It uses primarily HE and WP shells, but it can also use illumination and smoke rounds as well.


A rocket is an unguided projectile that contains a warhead and a motor for self-propulsion. It typically has a flat trajectory and operates on line-of-sight.

British Army L72A9
Portable Rocket Launcher
Length: 35 in   Weight: 5 lb 8 oz
Velocity: 324 mph   Effective Range: 540 ft
Guidance: None
Warhead: HEAT   Detonation: Contact fuse
Blast: Penetration 8-inch steel plate, 24-inch reinforced concrete
Percussion / Solid Fuel Rocket Motor
66mm 4 lb 20 in rocket
Prepackaged One-shot

The Order rarely needs to engage tanks, but it often encounters armoured monsters. When Raufoss rounds, land mine shrapnel, and HE concussion waves fail to injure a paranormal creatures, a direct hit by a HEAT warhead capable of penetrating eight inches of steal armour usually does the trick. Based on the M72 LAW.

Folding-fin Rocket
Ground Attack
Length: 41 in   Weight: 24 lb 9 oz
Velocity: 2,335 mph   Effective Range: 13,200 ft
Guidance: None
Warhead: Variable   Detonation: Contact fuse
Blast: Penetration 1-inch steel plate, 36-inch reinforced concrete
Solid Fuel Rocket Motor
2.75 in rocket
Reloadable 19-shot pods

Known as the Canadian Rocket Vehicle 7, this general purpose weapon is used by the British Aerospace Harrier II which is carried on board HMA Britannic, the AgustaWestland Apache AH1, the Westland Lynx, the AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin, and the Britten-Norman Defender 4000. It can carry one of a number of different modular warheads: standard HE, SAPHEI for use against ships and reinforced concrete buildings, kinetic energy penetrator, Flechette Anti-Tank, and General Purpose Flechette, along with smoke and illumination flare.


Missiles are essentially guided rockets, though they tend to have more powerful warheads and motors. They are also more expensive and so are not used indiscriminantly like rockets sometimes are.

FGM-148 Javelin
Surface-to-Surface Missile
Length: 74 in   Weight: 49 lb
Velocity: 245 mph   Effective Range: 8,200 ft
Guidance: Imaging Infrared (Self-guiding)
Warhead: Tandem HEAT   Detonation: Contact fuse
Blast: Penetration reactive armour, 31.5 in steel plate
Solid Fuel Soft Launch Motor / Solid Fuel Flight Motor
127mm 26 lb 43 in missile
Individual Prepackaged Launch Tubes

When even the LAW rocket isn't enough, the Javelin usually succeeds. Short of a guided 155mm shell or 5000 lb "bunker buster" bomb, this is the most powerful munition the Order can throw at any monster.

British Army Starstreak
Short Range Surface-to-Air Missile
Anti-Aircraft / Anti-Armour
Length: 55 in   Weight: 37 lb
Velocity: 2,690 mph   Effective Range: 22,700 ft
Guidance: Laser Beam-riding Semi-Automatic Command to Line of Sight
Warhead: Three HE Sub-munitions ("darts")   Detonation: Delayed fuse
Blast: Penetration 39 in conventional armour
Brambling Double-based Rocket Motor / Titus Double-based Rocket Motor
22mm 2 lb 15.6 in tungsten alloy sub-munitions
Individual Prepackaged Launch Tubes

Though most encountered monsters are ground-dwellers, some very dangerous kinds are fliers. This missile allows Order soldiers to defend themselves against such creatures. It can be fired from an over-the-shoulder launcher, a lightweight multiple launcher, a vehicle, a ship, or a helicopter. Though primarily an anti-aircraft weapon, it can also be used against armoured vehicles. Though the operator must maintain a visual lock on the target, the high velocity of the weapon — Mach 3.5 — allows it to reach its target in less than ten seconds. The high kinetic energy of the "darts" can destroy unarmoured and lightly armoured fliers by shock alone, while the tungsten shell allows them to penetrate heavier armour. The contact fuse has a delayed function, allowing the darts to penetrate deep before detonation, and the shell is designed to fragment, increasing the internal damage. Even if the dart passes all the way through, the kinetic energy can be enough to destroy the target, and if it isn't, the subsequent external explosion can damage it more.

GWS-25 Sea Wolf
Surface-to-Air Missile
Anti-Missile / Anti-Aircraft
Length: 75 in   Weight: 181 lb
Velocity: 2,284 mph   Effective Range: 6.2 mi
Guidance: Automatic Command Line of Sight
Warhead: HE 31 lb   Detonation: Proximity or Contact fuse
Blast: shockwave
Blackcap Solid Fuel Sustainer
Reloadable Launch Platforms

This missile is used by HMA Britannic to defend it against attacking missiles and aircraft. This is in addition to the bank of Starstreak missile launchers along the dorsal spine.

AIM-92 Stinger
Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
Length: 59.8 in   Weight: 35 lb
Velocity: 1,675 mph   Effective Range: 14,764 ft
Guidance: Passive Infrared
Warhead: HE 6.6 lb   Detonation: Delayed fuse
Blast: Annular shockwave fragmentation
Solid Fuel Ejection motor / Solid Fuel Flight Motor
Individual Prepackaged Launch Tubes

Most of the Order's aircraft use this weapon, being as the Starstreak has not been fully adapted for use as an air-to-air missile. The delayed fuse allows it to penetrate a target before detonating to cause greater damage.

AIM-9 Sidewinder
Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
Length: 119 in   Weight: 188 lb
Velocity: 1,900 mph   Effective Range: 22 mi
Guidance: Passive Infrared
Warhead: HE 20.8 lb   Detonation: Active Infrared Proximity fuse
Blast: Annular shockwave fragmentation
Solid Fuel Flight Motor
Reloadable Launch Platforms

This missile is used by the British Aerospace Harrier II, which is carried on board HMA Britannic, to take out airbourne threats before they get close enough to engage the airship.

AGM-114 Hellfire
Air-to-Surface Missile
Ground Attack
Length: 64 in   Weight: 104 lb
Velocity: 950 mph   Effective Range: 5 mi
Guidance: Semi-active Laser Homing / Radar Seeking
Warhead: Tandem HEAT / HEI / Thermobaric   Detonation: Contact fuse
Blast: Armour penetration / Shockwave fragmentation incendiary / Enhanced blast
Solid Fuel Rocket Motor
Reloadable launch platforms

This is a general purpose ground attack missile that can be used against armour; bunkers, unarmoured vehicles, urban targets, and caves; and enclosures, ships, and air defence units. The Order has used all three warheads against monster attacks.

Air-to-Surface Missile
Length: 71 in   Weight: 107 lb
Velocity: 1,522 mph   Effective Range: 7.5 mi
Guidance: Radar seeking, Inertial, Semi-active Laser Homing
Warhead: Tandem HEAT   Detonation: Contact fuse
Blast: Penetration 35-inch steel plate
Solid Fuel Rocket Motor
Reloadable launch platform

Though the Hellfire is still a serviceable ground attack weapon, it has largely been superceded in the anti-tank role by the FGM-148 Javelin and the Brimestone. Both are able to penetrate tank armor that can defeat the Hellfire.

Air-to-Surface Missile
Length: 167 in   Weight: 590 lb
Velocity: 1,525 mph   Effective Range: 58 mi
Guidance: Passive Radar Homing / Inertial
Warhead: HE   Detonation: Proximity fuse
Blast: Shockwave fragmentation
Solid Fuel Rocket Motor
Reloadable launch platform

Technically, monsters don't use radar, but their Human allies can. Also, there are some monsters that put off electromagnetic signals that are similar to radar, which this weapon can track. It has the added advantage of a loiter mode, in which it can hang suspended from a parachute until it detects the right signals, as well as the capability of being preprogrammed with a set of target coordinates.

BAe Sea Eagle
Sea-Skimming Air-to-Surface Missile
Anti-Surface Ship
Length: 567 in   Weight: 1,278 lb
Velocity: 645 mph   Effective Range: 68 mi
Guidance: Active Radar Homing, Inertial
Warhead: Semi-armour Piercing HE 507 lb   Detonation: Delay fuse
Blast: Shockwave Fragmentation
Reloadable launch platform

This powerful ant-ship missile is also effective against sea monsters found on the surface, as well as the ships of their Human allies.

Thales Light Missile
Air-to-Surface / Surface-to-Air / Surface-to-Surface
Length: 51 in   Weight: 28.7 lb
Velocity: 1,142 mph   Effective Range: 5 mi
Guidance: Semi-active Laser / Laser Beam-riding / Passive Infrared
Warhead: Variable 6.6 lb   Detonation: Laser Proximity / Delay fuse
Blast: Penetration, Shockwave Fragmentation
Solid Fuel Rocket Motor
Individual Prepackaged Launch Tubes

This is perhaps the first dedicated multirole missile. While others could handle other roles besides that for which they were designed, this is the first weapon designed to perform several different roles. Those with HE/fragmentation warheads can by used against aircraft and missiles; those with HEDP or HEAT warheads can be used against land vehicles and armour; those with SAPHEI warheads can be used against bunkers and ships. While no one missile can handle every target, launchers can hold multiple missiles with different warheads.

Storm Shadow
Cruise Missile
High-value Strategic Targets
Length: 200 in   Weight: 2,712 lb
Velocity: 609 mph   Effective Range: 155 mi
Guidance: Inertial, GPS, TERPROM, Infrared Imaging
Warhead: BROACH 992 lb   Detonation: Contact, Delay fuse
Blast: Penetration, Shockwave Fragmentation
Reloadable launch platform

This weapon is part of the arsenal of HMA Britannic, to be used as part of an on-going operation to destroy tactical and strategic targets that could aid the enemy. It utilizes a two-stage warhead. The first stage is a shaped-charge meant to penetrate earth, concrete, or armor to allow the second stage main warhead to reach the target, at which point it detonates, causing damage by the high explosive blast and fragmentation. The Order uses this weapon to strike monster lairs, assembled hordes, and powerful individual creatures, as well as fortresses manned by their Human allies.


Torpedoes are essentially underwater missiles. They can be directed against any surface or underwater target, using either passive sonar to home in on sounds, active sonar to locate targets, or inertial guidance to strike specific locations. The vast majority of torpedoes use conventional warheads, but some nuclear torpedoes were developed, though they have been subsequently scrapped.

Royal Navy Stingray
Light-weight Torpedo
Anti-Submarine, Anti-Surface Ship
Length: 102 in   Weight: 589 lb
Velocity: 51.8 mph   Effective Range: 6.8 mi   Depth: 2,625 ft
Guidance: Active, Passive Sonar
Warhead: Shaped-charge 99 lb   Detonation: Contact fuse
Blast: Penetration
Electrically-driven Pump Jet
Reloadable launch platform

This weapon is carried by Order aircraft for use against maritime targets, either submerged or on the surface. Most such targets are tracked using active acoustical seeking, but some creatures make enough noise that passive acoustical homing can be used instead, thereby increasing the weapon's stealth capability.

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