Caerleon Order Land Vehicles

Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

Like any modern military group, the Order needs to be able to transport personnel and equipment, as well as supplies, anywhere as quickly as possible. On land, it can boast of a large variety of vehicles that can see its troops safely to any destination throughout Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Harley Davidson MT350E
Scout / Courier
Crew: 1   Armour: None
Range: 120 mi   Speed: 80 mph
Primary: None
Secondary: None

Motorcycles are used primarily by the soldiers tasked with guarding Sir Differel Van Helsing's ancestral estate, though some agents use them for transport. Though the estate guards have access to other means of transportation, including electric carts and horses, motorcycles have greater endurance than anything except a horse, and are faster. They are also used for pursuit and to deliver messages when normal communications are down or cannot be trusted.

Yamaha Grizzly 450
All Terrain Vehicle
Light Transport
Crew: 1   Armour: None
Range: 80 mi   Speed: 85 mph
Primary: None
Secondary: None

So-called "quad bikes" are used to transport personnel and supplies into remote areas when helicopters and larger vehicles would be inconvenient. Each can haul up to 350 lb of gear in a rear trailer, plus an additional 264 lb on the vehicle itself.

All Terrain Vehicle
Light Transport / Ptrol
Crew: 2   Armour: Light Armour
Range: 150 mi   Speed: 40 mph
Primary: L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun
Secondary: L110A1 Light Machine Gun

This vehicle can self-load, transport, and deliver a 2200 lb pallet of supplies. It can also be used as a patrol vehicle, though it isn't very fast.

Land Rover
Utility Vehicle
Crew: 2+6   Armour: None
Range: 315 mi   Speed: 100 mph
Primary: L1A1 Heavy Machine Gun
Secondary: L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun

This is the British Armed Forces' premier utility vehicle, much as the "Jeep" was for the United States in World War II. It can be outfitted for a wide variety of roles, and it has 4WD off-road capability, though it isn't as capable as an all terrain vehicle.

Pinzgauer High-Mobility 4x4
All Terrain Vehicle
Medium Transport
Crew: 2+12   Armour: None
Range: 250 mi   Speed: 68 mph
Primary: None
Secondary: None

This transport is a 4WD (or 6WD) all terrain vehicle, and like the Wolf it can be modified to perform a variety of functions. It can also carry up to 5500 lb and tow up to 11,000 lb. It is steadily replacing the Wolf as the British Armed Forces' utility vehicle.

Force Protection Foxhound Armoured Car 4x4
Light Protected Patrol Vehicle
Scout / Patrol
Crew: 2+4   Armour: Composite Armour
Range: 373 mi   Speed: 68 mph
Primary: None
Secondary: None

This vehicle is meant to protect soldiers from roadside bombs during scouting missions and patrols.

Jackal Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation 4x4
Armoured Wheeled Vehicle
Tactical Support
Crew: 4+1   Armour: Composite Armour
Range: 500 mi   Speed: 81 mph
Primary: L1A1 Heavy Machine Gun
Secondary: L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun, Smoke Grenade Launchers

The vehicle is used for deep-penetration reconnaissance, rapid assault, and fire support of troops, and it has been used for convoy protection.

Wolfhound Heavy Armoured Fighting Vehicle 6x6
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Tactical Support
Crew: 2+10   Armour: Composite Armour
Range: 600 mi   Speed: 65 mph
Primary: L134A1 Grenade Machine Gun
Secondary: L1A1 Heavy Machine Gun

This vehicle is used mostly for transport, being as it can carry up to 13,000 lb, but it can also be used as a patrol vehicle.

Viking BvS 10
Amphibious Armoured Vehicle
Medium Transport
Crew: 1+3   Armour: Modular Plates, Slat Armour
Range: 186 mi   Speed: 40 mph
Primary: L1A1 Heavy Machine Gun
Secondary: Smoke Grenade Launchers

This tracked vehicle can be used for troop transport, command & control, repair & recovery, and as an ambulance. It can transport up to 5,730 lb in the main car and up to 7,500 lb in the rear trailer car. This trailer can carry 8 passengers, cargo, or a weapons system.

Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Tactical Support
Crew: 0 (unmanned)   Armour: Composite Armour
Range: 30 mi   Speed: 10 mph
Primary: Variable
Secondary: Smoke Grenade Launchers

This unmanned vehicle is used for troop support, such as direct combat, surveillance, reconnaissance, and obstacle breeching. As such, it can be fitted with a number of weapons, such as a heavy machine gun, a general purpose machine gun, a light machine gun, or a grenade machine gun. Alternatively it can be equipped with breeching tools or electro-optical/imaging infrared sensors as well as a laser targeting system.

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