Caerleon Order Personal Weapons

Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

Personal weapons are those that can be carried and operated by one person. They are the primary piece of equipment carried by all Order personnel, whatever else they may have. For soldiers, they are the tools of their trade: destroying monsters. For agents, they are a means of self-defense, but they can be used for assassination as well.

Knives & Swords

Oddly enough, paranormal creatures that are resistant to firearms may still by vulnerable to bladed weapons. As such, all NCOs are issued a dagger or knife of their choice and all warrant officers and commissioned officers are required to wear the officer's sword.

Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife
Combat Dagger
Overall Length: 11.5 in   Blade Length: 7.5 in
Weight: 8 oz

This is the premier commando dagger, used in World War II by the British Commandos, the Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS), the US Office of Strategic Services, and the Marine Raiders. Developed by William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes, it is still used today by the Royal Marines and the SAS. Most of the Order's soldiers are already trained in this weapon. This is also the knife preferred by the vast majority of Order agents, and it is one of Sir Differel Van Helsing's personal weapons.

KA-BAR Combat Knife
Combat Knife (Bowie)
Overall Length: 11 in   Blade Length: 7 in
Weight: 1 lb 4 oz

Those soldiers who prefer a different knife to the F-S dagger, mostly those from the British Army which never fully adopted it, choose the USMC KA-BAR, both for the killing efficiency of its Bowie-type blade and its usefulness as a utility knife.

Combat Knife (Bowie)
Overall Length: 10.5 in   Blade Length: 7 in
Weight: 1 lb

All riflemen are issued bayonets for use with their assault rifles along with whichever knife they choose. This allows them to fight off monsters that get close enough to engage in close quarters combat. It fits over the barrel, but the blade is offset to allow shooting.

1897 Pattern British Infantry Officer's Sword
One-handed Combat Sword
Overall Length: 38 in   Blade Length: 32 in
Weight: 2 lb 2 oz

This became the infantry officer's sword of the British Army starting in 1897. It is optimized for thrusting attacks, having a spear-point tip, but it is double-edged for half its length, allowing it to cut as well. After World War I it became purely ceremonial, but Sir Differel adopted it as one of her personal weapons. Once she realized how effective it could be, she made it required of her three officers and the warrant officers, and trained them in its use.


Pistols are the primary weapons for Order agents. For their purpose, they seek models that are light and easy to conceal, but have the best firepower possible. For soldiers, they are the primary weapons of officers only; for NCOs they act as a backup weapon. For their purpose, concealability is a non-issue; they just want the highest firepower available.

Walthar PPK
Compact Service Pistol
Barrel Length: 3.3 in   Weight: 1.3 lb
Muzzle Velocity: 1,010 ft/s   Effective Range: 130 ft
Straight blowback
7.65x17mm Browning SR (.32 ACP)
7-round box magazine + 1 in chamber

This is the pistol preferred by most Order agents. Though the cartridge is less powerful than the 9x19mm Parabellum and the weapon holds less ammunition, it is smaller and lighter, and therefore easier to conceal. Besides which, few agents become involved in long-range shootouts.

British Army L117A2
Compact Service Pistol
Barrel Length: 3.9 in   Weight: 2 lb
Muzzle Velocity: 1,247 ft/s   Effective Range: 164 ft
Mechanically locked, recoil operated, DA/SA trigger
9x19 mm Parabellum
13-round box magazine

This firearm is preferred by a minority of agents for its firepower and the fact that it holds more rounds. It is based on the SIG Sauer model P229.

British Army L106A1
Full-sized Service Pistol
Barrel Length: 4.4 in   Weight: 2 lb 2 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 1,247 ft/s   Effective Range: 164 ft
Mechanically locked, recoil operated, DA/SA trigger
9x19 mm Parabellum
15, 30-round box magazines; 90-round drum magazine

This firearm is issued to all Order soldiers regardless of rank. For officers it is their main weapon; for NCOs it serves as a backup when their primary weapon is exhausted. It is based on the SIG Sauer model P226.

FN Five-seven
Full-sized Service Pistol
Barrel Length: 4.8 in   Weight: 1 lb 10 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 2,130 ft/s   Effective Range: 165 ft
Delayed blowback
FN 5.7x28mm
10, 20, 30-round box magazines

Sir Differel is currently evaluating this weapon, along with a semi-automatic carbine and a submachine gun, as possible replacement weapons for the Order's 9mm firearms based on the greater power of the 5.7mm cartridge, which approaches that of a rifle round. Even from a semi-automatic pistol, the round has the power to penetrate Level IIIA body armour. Her concerns are how long the weapons and ammunition will continue to be produced, and if more different types of weapons will be developed.


These are the primary weapons of the Order's NCOs. While a variety of weapons is maintained to handle as many different kinds of threats as possible, the emphasis is still on maximum firepower.

British Army L85A2
Assault Rifle
Full Automatic
Barrel Length: 20.4 in   Weight: 11 lb
Muzzle Velocity: 3,084 ft/s   Effective Range: 2,145 ft
Rate of Fire: 610 rounds/min
Gas-operated, Rotating Bolt
5.56x45mm NATO
30-round STANAG magazine

This is the standard assault rifle issued to all members of the British Armed Forces, except those in certain specialty units. Its original designation was SA80.

FN AR-57
Carbine Rifle
Barrel Length: 16 in   Weight: 7 lb 7 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 2,350 ft/s   Effective Range: 1,500 ft
Gas-operated, Rotating Bolt
FN 5.7x28mm
50-round box magazines

This is the rifle of the trio of weapons that Sir Differel is evaluating for possible replacement of the Order's 9mm weaponry. Unlike the pistol, this carbine is inferior to the L85A2. Only the allure of using the same ammunition for pistol, rifle, and submachine gun keeps her from rejecting their adoption out of hand. Even so, her Master-at-Arms, WO Giles Holt, sees a possible use for this weapon in circumstances where the assault rifle would be cumbersome but a submachine gun would be too weak.

CO MS-13
Assault Rifle | Shotgun | Grenade Launcher
Full Automatic | Semi-automatic | Semi-automatic
Barrel Length: 18 in | 15 in | 12 in   Weight: 13 lb 8 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 3,084 ft/s | 1,750 ft/s | 250 ft/s
Effective Range: 2,145 ft | 175 ft | 480 ft
Rate of Fire: 750 rounds/min | — | —
Gas-operated, Rotating Bolt | Gas-operated | Recoil-operated Blowback
5.56x45mm NATO | 12-gauge | 40x46mm grenades
30-round box magazines | 6-round internal tube magazine + 1 in chamber | 3-round internal tube magazine + 1 in chamber

One of the tasks Sir Differel set Dr. Elizabeth Mabuse was the development of a more advanced assault rifle. This is her first prototype. While its performance is no better than current weapons, it combines an assault rifle, a combat shotgun, and a grenade launcher in one weapon, negating the need to carry all three. The ability to hold three 40mm grenades in an internal magazine gives it an advantage over existing launchers, but the magazine can be bypassed and the launcher loaded manually if a special round is required.

British Army L115A3
Sniper Rifle
Barrel Length: 27 in   Weight: 15 lb 2 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 3,071 ft/s  Effective Range: 4,920 ft
Bolt Action
.338 Lapua Magnum
5-round box magazines

As with standard Human conflict, one of the most important principles of monster conflict is, the farther away they are when you destroy them the better. This sniper rifle has a range of almost a mile, and uses a cartridge that approaches the .50 caliber round in performance and power. Though a bolt-action, the fact that it feeds from a magazine means that it can place multiple rounds on target in rapid succession. It also has access to full metal jacketed, hollow point, and armour piercing rounds, whatever would be the most effective. It is based on the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Super Magnum.

British Army L82A1
Anti-material Rifle
Barrel Length: 29 in   Weight: 30 lb 14 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 2,800 ft/s  Effective Range: 5,900 ft
Recoil-operated, Rotating Bolt
.50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO) | Raufoss Mk 211
10-round box magazines

An anti-material weapon is one that is used against military equipment rather than other combatants. This is known as Hard Target Interdiction. They fire large caliber rounds — .50 and up — that can deliver high kinetic energies or usable payloads of explosives, incendiaries, or armour-piercing cores. Typical targets are unarmoured or lightly armoured vehicles as well as aircraft and small watercraft, communications equipment, radar equipment, crew served weapons, ammunition dumps, and fuel supplies. They are also highly useful against monsters that can shrug off multiple hits from an assault rifle or a shotgun. This is one of the best A-M rifles around. Though no longer manufactured, it is still very serviceable. Along with its semi-automatic action, its clip-feed, and its range of well over a mile, it has the special advantage of accepting the Raufoss cartridge. This .50 caliber projectile contains an incendiary charge, high explosives, and a tungsten carbide penetrator, and is able to penetrate 2 inches of steel plate. It actually has the same destructive power as a standard 20mm shell. This rifle is based on the Barrett M82.


Shotguns have been used in warfare almost from the time they were first invented. They sacrifice rate of fire, range, and ammunition load for increased damage, especially when slugs are used. The Order has found through trial and error that some monsters that can shake off even a .50 caliber bullet can be killed using 12-gauge rounds.

British Army L128A1
Combat Shotgun
Barrel Length: 18.5 in   Weight: 8 lb 7 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 1,750 ft/s   Effective Range: 120 ft
6-round internal tube magazine + 1 in chamber

This is the standard combat shotgun issued to the British Armed Forces, chosen for its ease of service and maintenance, and its durability, reliability, and versatility. It is based on the Benelli M4 Super 90.

Submachine Guns

Submachine guns play multiple roles in the Order. They provide agents with additional firepower as needed. They give guards a light, easy to use weapon that is still more powerful than a pistol. And they provide more killing power against monsters than an assault rifle can manage, especially at close range.

Magpul FMG-9
Folding Submachine Gun
Full Automatic
Barrel Length: 10.3 in   Weight: 1 lb 2 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 1,320 ft/s   Effective Range: 660 ft
Rate of Fire: 1,100 rounds/min
9x19mm Parabellum
32-round box magazine

Agents are not soldiers; they're not suppose to get into firefights with monsters, but they must be able to defend themselves, and sometimes they need more firepower than a compact pistol can provide. This folding submachine gun is very light and easy to carry, and when folded is small enough for concealed carry in a handbag, an overcoat pocket, or even the back pocket of a pair of trousers. When folded, it looks and operates like a flashlight with a large battery, but it can unfold with the magazine already in place and be fired in seconds. Though it uses 9mm pistol ammunition, it has a greater muzzle velocity and a far greater range than a pistol, as well as a greater rate of fire and a larger magazine capacity. It works best as a means for an agent to escape capture or death.

British Army L92A1
Submachine Gun
Full Automatic
Barrel Length: 5.7 in   Weight: 7 lb 14 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 935 ft/s   Effective Range: 656 ft
Rate of Fire: 700 rounds/min
Roller-delayed Blowback, Closed Bolt
9x19mm Parabellum
15, 30, or 32-round box magazine; 100-round Beta C-Mag drum magazine

This is the standard submachine gun issued to the Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS). The Order uses it to arm soldiers set to guard duty at stations and substations, as well as other important installations. It is based on the Heckler & Koch MP5SD3.

FN P90
Submachine Gun
Full Automatic
Barrel Length: 10.4 in   Weight: 6 lb 10 oz
Muzzle Velocity: 2,350 ft/s   Effective Range: 657 ft
Rate of Fire: 900 rounds/min
Straight Blowback, Closed Bolt
FN 5.7x28mm
50-round box magazine

This is the submachine gun of the pistol/rifle/submachine gun set Sir Differel is evaluating for possible replacement of the Order's 9mm weaponry. She has given them to the soldiers who guard her ancestral manor, so that she can receive reports on their effectiveness firsthand. Like the pistol, it provides better performance than the L92A1 submachine guns Order guards currently use. However, she finds the design ugly.

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