Caerleon Order Watercraft

Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

The Order's need for waterbourne vessels is less important than the same for land vehicles. Mostly they are used for ferrying squads to and from operational destinations. However, two vessels are held in reserve for the Order's use for larger operations.

Human-powered Watercraft
Personal Transport
Crew: 1 or 2   Armour: None
Range: N/A   Speed: 6.5 mph
Primary: None
Secondary: None

Kayaks are used to infiltrate one or two agents or soldiers or small groups into enemy-held territory for clandestine or commando operations. Their advantages are that they are silent, easy to carry and conceal, and capable of navigating very shallow water.

Combat Rubber Raiding Craft
Tactical Transport
Crew: 10   Armour: None
Range: 60 mi   Speed: 20 mph
Primary: None
Secondary: None

This inflatable boat is used to infiltrate larger numbers of operatives, as well as freight carrying and for search and rescue. It can be paddled or it can use a small electric motor.

Rigid Inflatable Boat
Light-weight High-performance Boat
High-speed Transport
Crew: 6   Armour: None
Range: 100 mi   Speed: 34 mph
Primary: None
Secondary: None

This craft is used when speed trumps stealth. Though it can be paddled, it uses an outboard motor for propulsion. It can put an armed group on target very quickly or transport them rapidly over long distances before making a stealthy final approach.

Rigid Raider
Fast Assault Boat
Patrol / Transport
Crew: 3+8   Armour: Fiberglass
Range: 138 mi   Speed: 38 mph
Primary: None
Secondary: None

This craft is also used for speed and endurance. It can carry more troops farther and faster, yet it can navigate shallow waters and beach itself without damage. It can also follow up troops with supplies and ammunition.

RTK 508
Combat Support Boat
Tactical Support
Crew: 3+12   Armour: Fiberglass
Range: 150 mi   Speed: 34 mph
Primary: (2) L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun
Secondary: None

This is a multipurpose support craft that can carry troops or supplies, act as a diving platform, or serve as a gunboat. Its draft is shallow enough that it can navigate rivers and close to shore. The Order keeps one stationed at London on the Thames, Connarath on the Severn, Bethmoira on the North Sea, and Camdel on the Cam, with a fifth at the Cromer Lifeboat Station in Norfolk. They are kept in a state of constant readiness and can be deployed within an hour of receiving the order.

HMS Devastator
Archer Class Patrol Vessel
Patrol / Raider
Crew: 12   Armour: Steel plate; fiberglass
Range: 633 mi   Speed: 25/52 mph
Sensors: Decca 1216 Navigation Radar
Primary: GAM-BO1 20mm Autocannon
Secondary: (3) L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun

This is one of the two vessels the Royal Navy keeps in reserve for the Order's use. It is harbored at the Cromer Lifeboat Station in Norfolk, and while it participates in search and rescue operations, training exercises, guard duty, and criminal activity interdiction, it can be diverted at a moment's notice to Order business. It is the only member of its class to be outfitted with a 20mm autocannon.

MV Winterton Ness
Point Class Sealift Ship
Strategic Transport
Crew: 18   Armour: None
Range: 13,800 mi   Speed: 21/25 mph
Sensors: I-band Navigation Radar
Primary: (2) Westland Lynx ASW
Secondary: (2) AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin ASuW

This is one of the two vessels the Royal Navy keeps in reserve for the Order's use. It is one of seven roll-on/roll-off cargo ships used as naval auxiliaries to the British Armed Forces for the deployment of military assets in time of need. It is one of three built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast and is chartered to the civilian company Norflines out of King's Lynn, Norfolk. It operates as a civilian cargo ship when not required for military service. It is crewed by Royal Navy reservists so that they can be called up to active service as needed. The Ministry of Defence made it available for the Order to use in anticipation that the 21st century would see an unusually high number of dangerous incursions throughout the Commonwealth. Though it was employed along with its sister ships in the early stages of the Iraq War, it was reassigned back to Norflines in 2005. The Order has had no need for its services as of this writing, but the rapidly increasing number and severity of paranormal events leaves little doubt it will be needed in the near future.

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