Sir Differel's Personal Property

Defending Sovereign, Church, and Country from the Forces of Darkness

The Van Helsings were not typical aristocrats in that they were not landed gentry with a long, cultured pedigree, but more like wealthy bourgeoisie. However, neither were they typical plutocrats in that they did not engage in the sitting-room culture, conspicuous consumption, and the display of wealth expected of such a nouveau riche family by British nobility. Considering that nearly all their energies were spent fighting monsters instead of engaging in elite social events or jet-setting around the world, that would be expected.

However, early on Sir Differel Van Helsing had realized that in the modern world, she could no longer afford the complacency of restricting the Caerleon Order to the British Isles as her ancestors had done, but needed to expand its activities to cover more of the globe. Technically, the Order defended the Commonwealth as well as the United Kingdom, but until after World War II, it had never had the resources to travel where needed or the strength to fight on its own, and previous Directors had relied on the local militaries to deal with any incursions. That and the years after Sir Abraham Van Helsing's death had been relatively quiet, with only minor outbreaks occurring at long intervals.

Sir Differel knew from her analysis of past incursions that her tenure would be unusually active, so starting early on she worked to build up the Order's strength. Part of that involved purchasing items that would normally be associated with conspicuous consumption, such as castles, homes, ships, and airplanes, but almost every purchase was made with an eye towards its use in support of the Order. She purchased them as personal property simply to avoid bureaucratic red tape and government regulation, but in her will all these items will be donated to the Order upon her death.

Denver Ancestral Estate and Manor
Acquired: 1988   Class: Country House
Body Style: 6-story House   Use: Residence

This is Sir Differel's ancestral home, the home of her Van Helsing forebearers as well as the Churchills before them. It consists of a large estate complete with landscape park, chapel, family graveyard and crypt, and a three-story country manor house with three basement levels and a cottage garden. She inherited it upon the death of her father.

Downham Market Residence
Acquired: 1992   Class: Townhouse
Body Style: 5-story House   Use: Retreat

This house originally belonged to Sir Differel's mother, Gwendolyn Pendragon Lady Van Helsing. Though technically she inherited it when her mother died in 1976, she did not take possession until sixteen years later. She has since used it as a form of retreat, a place to go to when the pressure of running the Caerleon Order becomes too much and she needs a short rest.

Land Rover Series IIA
Acquired: 1992   Class: Off-road Car
Body Style: 4-door SUV   Use: Touring Transport

This vehicle also belonged to Sir Differel's mother, and she took possession of it when she claimed the Downham Market residence. As the Pendragon for the Caerleon Order, Lady Van Helsing often had to travel to remote places to deal with paranormal threats, even places that had no roads. Though Sir Differel has alternative means of transportation at her disposal, she sometimes finds she needs a rugged but non-descript off-road vehicle to get around in.

Northwest Highlands Residence
Acquired: 1992   Class: Manor House
Body Style: 3-story House   Use: Safe House

This residence belonged to Lady Van Helsing as well; in fact, it had been in the Pendragon for at least five generations. They used it as a safe house and a training ground, and kept its exact location a closely guarded secret. Sir Differel has maintained the secrecy, even from her most trusted associates, and she uses it as a retreat, though one where she can disappear for a week or so with no interruptions. Only Vlad Drakulya and Medb hErenn know its location, him by virtue of the fact that he always knows where she is, and her because she has been an associate of the Pendragons for centuries.

Cardiff Residence
Acquired: 1994   Class: End Terraced House
Body Style: 3-story House   Use: Local Dwelling

When Sir Differel turned 18, she began accompanying Vlad on monster-hunting missions. Some took them to Wales, and she realized that she couldn't stay in hotels for security reasons. So she purchased an end terraced house in Cardiff and had her people secure it. She stays there whenever she has business in Wales.

Eurocopter EC135
Acquired: 1995   Class: Light Transport Helicopter
Body Style: 8-person Twin-engine Fenestron tail rotor
Use: Secure Transport

Despite the fact that Vlad could transport her anywhere she needed to go, Sir Differel eventually realized that she needed other forms of secure transportation in case he was unavailable. She learned of a prototype of a powerful and fast helicopter being developed by a new company, Eurocopter, and brokered a deal that for selling her a copter for just the cost of manufacturing, she would help test and promote it. She has had it upgraded over the years to increase its survivability, including the addition of advanced military avionics and electronics, and stealth technology. She uses it mostly for secure transportation, but she also has used it for personal investigation.

Edinburgh Residence
Acquired: 1995   Class: Colony House
Body Style: 5-story House   Use: Local Dwelling

Another place Sir Differel and Vlad often went to go monster hunting was Scotland. Most missions were quick in-and-out affairs, but as more and more required that she stay more than one day, she finally bought a colony house in Edinburgh where she could stay whenever she had business in the north.

Belfast Residence
Acquired: 1996   Class: End Terraced House
Body Style: 2-story House   Use: Local Dwelling

Being as the Republic of Ireland is mostly Catholic, while Northern Ireland is mostly Protestant and a member of the United Kingdom, the Caerleon Order has an agreement with the Vatican's Holy Order of St. Antony Demons-Bane to divide monster hunting jurisdiction on the island between them, with limited crossover rights. Sir Differel made a number of forays into Northern Ireland with Vlad, and usually stayed at the Order station, the Tyrone Mansion. As the number of incidents increased, however, she decided to purchase an end terraced house in Belfast in a secure neighborhood. Though she has no opinion on whether Northern Ireland should become part of the Republic, as a high-profile member of the British government she is a natural target.

Boeing 737NG-800
Acquired: 1998   Class: Jet Airliner
Body Style: Narrow-body Single-deck
Use: Reconnaissance and Surveillance

After the defeat of the invasion of Great Britain by the wizard-king Grendel, Sir Differel realized that he might have been defeated sooner if she had had access to timely reconnaissance data, but the Defence Council had continually denied her request for a surveillance aircraft. Deciding that she needed one of her own, she found a Boeing 737 that British Airways had purchased but couldn't use and bought it from them, then had it modified for reconnaissance and surveillance work. However, she doesn't completely own it herself. She bought it with the help of a bank loan and the modification funds were provided by a government appropriation.

New York Residence
Acquired: 1999   Class: Condominium
Body Style: Single-story Flat   Use: Local Dwelling

Starting in 1999, Sir Differel began making six trips a year to New York to attend United Nations meetings on paranormal affairs. Since each trip was a week long, after the first two she bought a ground-floor condominium for her use when in the city.

Adlerlager Castle, Austria (Destroyed)
Acquired: 2000   Class: Toll Castle
Body Style: Keep and Bergfried with Curtain Wall
Use: Caerleon Order Station for Western Europe

In 2000, Sir Differel took a tour of Western Europe looking for a suitable sight to set up a Caerleon Order station to monitor paranormal activity. In Austria she learned of toll castle situated on the ledge of a valley above a river. Named Adlerlager—"Eagle's Nest"—it was owned by an ancient family fallen on hard times who wanted to sell it. Though they had made a tentative agreement with a hotel entrepreneur, she convinced them to sell to her by offering a larger amount and arranging an immediate bank transfer. Once she had the deed, she had her people modify the castle to serve the Order. She did not completely own it herself. She bought it with the help of a bank loan and the modification funds were provided by a government appropriation. [Note:] The castle was destroyed in 2010 when Sir Differel set off its self-destruct to prevent it being overrun by Callicantzari.

Lotus Exige
Acquired: 2001   Class: Sports Car
Body Style: 2-door Coupé   Use: Sport Transport

Her late husband, the Rt. Hon. Victor Edward Plunkett, 26th Viscount Dunwich, gave Sir Differel this vehicle for her 25th birthday. She seldom drives it anymore, but occasionally she takes it out for a spin on the county backroads.

Camdel Castle, Cambridgeshire, UK
Acquired: 2002   Class: Citadel
Body Style: Modified Motte & Double Bailey
Use: Caerleon Order Main Paramilitary Garrison

In 2002, Sir Differel and Lord Dunwich, were visiting the cathedral city of Ely in Cambridgeshire to examine some ancient records, when they were told by their hotel manager about a castle just outside of the hamlet of Camdel on the River Cam south of the city. They went to see it, and discovered a very well preserved motte and double bailey in which part of it was modified in the manner of a stately country mansion. They also discovered that the hamlet was looking for a patron to take it over and support it. With the help of Lord Dunwich she negotiated a perpetual lease which included yearly charitable contributions to the people of the hamlet. She in turn renovated it to make it livable and modified it to act as the main garrison post for the Order's paramilitary troops. Modification funds were provided by Her Majesty's Government, but she pays the lease out of her own pocket.

Torquay Residence
Acquired: 2003   Class: Mansion
Body Style: 5-story House   Use: Vacation Dwelling

In the summer of 2003, Sir Differel and Lord Dunwich spent ten days at Torbay on the southern coast of Devon, the area known as the English Riviera, for a vacation, lying on the beach, seeing the sights, and clubing at night. They enjoyed it so much they decided to make it the vacation destination for their family. They found a mansion for sale in Torquay, which they bought and renovated for their use. After Lord Dunwich was killed, Sir Differel considered selling it, but finally decided not to, being as it was her last link to her husband.

Triumph Bonneville T120 Motorcycle
Acquired: 2004   Class: Standard Bike
Use: Touring Transport

In the months after Lord Dunwich was killed, Sir Differel suffered a crisis of faith and needed time to re-evaluate her life and her choices. She decided to emulate her parents and take to the backroads of England on a motorcycle. She acquired an antique Triumph Bonneville T120 just like her father rode and spent a month touring the countryside. At the end of that time she reaffirmed her commitment to running the Caerleon Order and returned to her manor, storing the bike away in her garage. She has not ridden it since, but her mechanics keep it clean and maintained just in case.

Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter
Acquired: 2005   Class: Medium-lift Transport Chopper
Body Style: 20-person Twin-engine Standard rotor
Use: Reconnaissance & Exploration

The success of the Eurocopter convinced Sir Differel that she should have another helicopter to conduct Order business. The success of the Boeing 737 while acknowledging its limitations also convinced her that she should combine the two and acquire a helicopter for reconnaissance and exploration. She located and purchased a used refurbished Sikorsky S-92 and had it modified for reconnaissance and surveillance work. She also has used it for personal exploration missions. She doesn't completely own it herself. She bought it with the help of a bank loan and the modification funds were provided by a government appropriation.

Hummer H3
Acquired: 2005   Class: Mid-size Utility Car
Body Style: 4-door SUV   Use: Secure Transport

Up until 2005, Sir Differel had been using first a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit and then a Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph for transportation. For routine trips they gave good service, but there were a number of times when she came under attack and in such circumstances they proved to be inadequate protection. After some investigation she decided to purchase a Hummer H3 and had it reinforced. While not quite armoured, it is faster and tougher than a normal Hummer, and has a large storage space for weapons.

Triumph Rocket III Motorcycle
Acquired: 2005   Class: Touring Bike
Use: Touring Transport

About a year after her crisis of faith sent her off cruising the backroads of England, Sir Differel felt the urge to do more biking, but rather than take the old Bonnie out of mothballs, she decided to purchase a modern bike. She settled on a Triumph Rocket III touring bike because it had a lot of power and it was designed for long trips. Though the frequency of her jaunts has dropped off, she still continues to take occasional weekend trips around East Anglia. She hopes to do so more often once her son, Master Henry Helsing-Plunkett, becomes older.

Airbus A380
Acquired: 2006   Class: Jet Airliner
Body Style: Wide-body Double-deck
Use: Secure Transport

The need for a more secure form of air travel hit home when Sir Differel was on a chartered flight and the attendants tried to hijack the jet and kill her. When she returned to the manor, she began a diligent search for an aircraft she could acquire for her personal use. She soon found a Middle Eastern multibillionaire who had been convicted of investment fraud in the United States. All of his assets had been seized and would be auctioned off to make restitution, including an Airbus A380 double-decker jet he had customized to be a flying mansion. She bought it for 1/20th of its original cost and commissioned Lufthansa Technik to renovate it into a flying office. Now she not only has a safe way to fly wherever she needs to, but she can also get her paperwork done as well. She doesn't completely own it herself. She bought it with the help of a bank loan and a government appropriation.

Rolls-Royce Phantom
Acquired: 2006   Class: Full-size Luxury Car
Body Style: 4-door Saloon   Use: Armoured Transport

While safer than a standard luxury car, Sir Differel knew that the Hummer H3 was not entirely appropriate for her station. Then too, the Hummer wasn't armoured, so it was not as well protected as it could be. When an attack on the Hummer nearly proved disastrous, she decided she needed more protection. She bought a Rolls-Royce Phantom and had it armoured, along with putting in a more powerful engine and advanced communications and electronic warfare gear. She also had the boot expanded to hold a small arsenal. It proved so successful that the government gave her two more in case it broke down.

Bath Residence
Acquired: 2006   Class: Terraced House
Body Style: 2-story House   Use: Vacation Dwelling

In 2002, Sir Differel and Lord Dunwich were taking a break from their newborn son to spend a weekend in Bath. While there, they learned of a project being completed to open a new spa, the first in a quarter century since the municipal facilities were shut down in 1978 over health concerns. They made a large donation to help the Thermae Bath Spa along, then two more through 2003. They were invited to the grand opening in August as VIPs, getting to meet the Three Tenors in the process. However, the spa remained closed, and after Lord Dunwich was killed, Sir Differel lost interest. Then in 2006 she was again invited to attend a more modest opening celebration in August. She decided to attend, and the Bath & North East Somerset Council granted her a lifetime membership in gratitude for her past support. She spent a few hours there and enjoyed it enough that she decided to make regular trips. To facilitate security during her stays, she bought a modest terraced house for her use.

Acquired: 2006   Class:Luxury Super Yacht
Body Style: 61-meter Motor Yacht
Use: Secure Transport

Her two previous problems with secure transport taught her to get a jump on the next. As such, when she needed to take a boat trip, rather than charter one she decided to buy and modify her own. She found a used 61-meter super yacht and had it modified to suit her purposes, naming it Penarddun after the wife of the Celtic sea god Llŷr. Though slower than the Boeing 737, it can go places the jet airliner cannot, as long as they are accessible by water, and it has more space and greater comfort; only her airship HMA Britannic is more versatile, and it's nowhere near as comfortable. She doesn't completely own it herself. She bought it with the help of a bank loan and the modification funds were provided by a government appropriation.

Triumph Tiger 955i Motorcycle
Acquired: 2007   Class: Dual-sport Bike
Use: Sport Transport

In early 2007, Sir Differel was chasing after Spring-heeled Jack on her Triumph Rocket touring motorcycle, when he turned off the road and fled across a field. She tried to follow, but the bike couldn't handle the rough terrain. It tumbled and she was thrown off. Jack turned to attack her, but she managed to recover quickly enough to summon Caliburn and hold him off until Vlad Drakulya appeared, at which point the being disappeared back into his own dimension. She realized that she needed a different kind of motorcycle if she was going to use it to chase after monsters. After some research, she decided on a dual-sport bike, one that was street-legal, but could also handle off-road conditions. Since she liked Triumph, she selected their Tiger 955i model. Each weekend for much the year she went out and practiced riding the bike over fields and hills, even visiting motocross courses. It paid off, in that the half-dozen times she used it since, she was able to keep up with fleeing monsters over most terrain.

Acquired: 2007   Class:Luxury Super Yacht
Body Style: 85-meter Motor Yacht
Use: Reconnaissance/Surveillance/Investigation

By mid-2007, Sir Differel had proven the worth of her reconnaissance / surveillance helicopter and jet aircraft. However, in one respect they proved to be inadequate: they did not allow for detailed investigation and analysis. The helicopter could land almost anywhere, but it didn't have enough room for dedicated laboratories or equipment; the airliner had the room, but couldn't land except on a prepared runway. Locations on land were not a problem because labs and equipment could be flown in, but at sea it was a different matter. Though HMA Britannic would go a long way towards solving that problem, at the time she didn't know whether she would receive it. So she decided to acquire another ship, this one dedicated to reconnaissance and surveillance, with dedicated labs for analysis of samples. She bought a used 85-meter motor yacht, named it the Hælsing after her father's family, and had it modified. She doesn't completely own it herself. She bought it with the help of a bank loan and the modification funds were provided by a government appropriation.

Bran Castle, Romania
Acquired: 2007   Class: Hilltop Castle
Body Style: Quadrangular Fortification
Use: Caerleon Order Station for Eastern Europe

In late 2007, she read in The Times that "Castle Dracula" was up for sale. Intrigued, she asked Vlad Drakulya about it. He warned her that he never own it; that in fact, he stayed there only once. Nonetheless, she entered into negotiations with the owner, Archduke Dominic Von Habsburg, with an eye towards making it the Caerleon Order station for Eastern Europe. She was able to purchase it, but on the condition that she keep it as a museum for three years, after which she could do as she pleased. She agreed, provided she could restrict access to certain areas. As a result, it was the only Order station that was open to the public. However, the agreement ended at midnight on 31 December, 2011, at which point she closed it to the public. She doesn't completely own it herself. She bought it with the help of a bank loan and the modification funds were provided by a government appropriation.

Hummer HX
Acquired: 2008   Class: Off-road Car
Body Style: 2-door SUV   Use: Armoured Transport

The armoured Rolls-Royce Phantoms proved their worth when they absorbed further attacks against Sir Differel, but she expected that her adversaries would simply increase the power of their assaults. To counter that before it happened, she commissioned General Motors to create a heavily armoured version of their Hummer HX concept car. The result was a vehicle with twice the protection of one of the Phantoms. GM did sacrifice speed for defense, but it was still fast enough, and Sir Differel was more concerned about survivability, especially at the very start of an attack. The intent is to use it if she ever needs to evacuate the manor while it is under heavy attack, but she also uses it to enter or pass through areas where she expects possible heavy attacks.

Acquired: 2008   Class:Luxury Super Yacht
Body Style: 75-meter Motor Yacht
Use: Personal Transport

Though Sir Differel had acquired Penarddun for personal transport across the ocean, it was meant to be used for official Caerleon Order business only, so she could not just sail off whenever she wished. While not one to take too many idle vacations for their own sake, she had been taking more time off to rest and recuperate from the stress of running the Order. Occasionally she found herself longing to take a long leisurely sea cruise through the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Finally she decided she could indulge herself. She bought a 75-meter motor yacht that had been seized from drug traffickers by Her Majesty's Coastguard and put up for auction, and had it renovated. When the work was finished, she christened it Sabrina after the Welsh name for the Severn River and took it on its maiden voyage around the British Isles. Since then she has taken an extended cruise once each year. She doesn't completely own it herself. She bought it with the help of a bank loan.

Aston Martin DBS Volante
Acquired: 2008   Class: Sports Grand Tourer
Body Style: 2-door Coupé   Use: Touring Transport

The Lotus Exige and Land Rover notwithstanding, Sir Differel had no car of her own that she could take out for a relaxing drive. Even her personal Rolls-Royce Phantom was technically a company car and subject to oversight for "inappropriate use". Besides, because of its armour it was somewhat ungainly and difficult to drive. To correct that fault, her staff all pitched in and presented her with an Aston Martin DBS Volante at Christmas for her personal use. Though at first she drove it seldom, since she reconciled with her son she has used it more often as they take trips together.

Jaguar XFR
Acquired: 2009   Class: Mid-size Luxury Car
Body Style: 4-door Saloon   Use: Secure Transport

Despite the Rolls-Royce Phantoms having more powerful engines, the weight from the armour puts extra strain on their systems, especially their suspensions. Because of that, it costs more to keep them maintained. To keep costs down, Sir Differel decided to take the risk of using a normal car. Based on a recommendation by a family friend, she chose a Jaguar XFR because of its speed, power, and handling. She did have some materials replaced by titanium, polycarbonate, and ballistic aluminum and nylon, but these had only a negligible effect on the overall weight. She also put in the same advanced communications and electronic warfare gear the Phantoms had. She uses this vehicle for routine trips, except when she anticipates possibly being attacked.

Dahut Morgen
Acquired: 2009   Class: Luxury Super Yacht
Body Style: 42-meter Motor Yacht
Use: Personal Exploration

While Sir Differel was staying at her Torquay residence in 2009, a 42-meter motor yacht ran aground in the harbor. The crew simply abandoned it and the constabulary discovered that it was shoddily built and in bad need of repair. The mayor and council of the city tried to offer it for sale, but the only buyer was a salvager who wanted to strip it for scrap. Sir Differel went to see it out of curiosity, but realized that she could make use of it. She especially liked the helicopter landing and the underdeck hangar. She made a deal with the city: if they claimed it as city property, she'd lease it, along with harbor and drydock space, provided they let her retain the lease until she died. They agreed, and she began renovating it. This is the only boat she owns outright. It is also the first tangible benefit she is seeing from her association with Dr. Elizabeth Mabuse, in that the scientist is automating it and upgrading its power source and engines.

Lancer Strider Gran Coupè
Acquired: 2010   Class: Powerboat
Body Style: 13-meter Motor Boat
Use: Personal River Transport

Sir Differel's estate has a small river running through it, that connects with the Denver Sluice, which connects with the River Great Ouse. From there one can travel north to the the Wash on the North Sea or south to the River Cam and the village of Camdel. Most rivers in Great Britain are connected by canals forming a network of waterways that used to be the highways before the modern road system was constructed. When she was younger, Sir Differel used to go kayaking with her Master-at-Arms WO Giles Holt. She originally purchased this boat in case she and her senior staff needed to make a quick getaway from the manor, but nowadays she and Henry use it to take trips together. It only sleeps two, but it can carry up to eleven people, and at 63 mph it can make good speed along any navigatable watercourse.

Carter Personal Air Vehicle
Acquired: 2010   Class:Autogyro
Body Style: 4-person wings tail boom rotor propeller
Use: Multipurpose Transport/Investigation (Prototype)

While staying with Team Girl in Colorado, Sir Differel attended an airshow at the Air Force Academy, which included displays of new aircraft by various companies. One was Carter Aviation Technologies who displayed a four-person autogyro they called the Carter Personal Air Vehicle. It could be built from a kit and required no special skills and little training to fly. She had always wanted to be a pilot, but felt she never had the time. That seemed like an opportunity she couldn't pass up, so she ordered a kit, and when she returned to the manor she and the servants put it together. After some testing she took her first flight, and was hooked. Ostensibly she is evaluating the vehicle for use in reconnaissance and surveillance, exploration, even combat, but in fact she's having a ball flying it.

Volkner Mobil Performance
Acquired: 2011   Class: Luxury Motorhome
Body Style: Class A Passenger Bus Conversion
Use: Personal Exploration

When Sir Differel reconciled with Henry and took a more active role in his upbringing, she decided that one of the things she wanted to do was take him on tour trips around the country and show him the historical, archaeological, and cultural sights. For convenience and comfort as well as security concerns, however, she decided against traveling by car and staying at hotels, and instead purchased a Volkner Mobile motorhome, with a garage for a standard-sized car underneath. She had it modified to give it better protection, but mostly she intends to rely upon anonymity to keep her and her son safe.

Mabuse Electromagnetic Watercraft
Acquired: 2011   Class: Speedboat
Body Style: 9-meter Motor Catamaran
Use: Emergency Escape Transport

Despite the protection Sir Differel has built up around and inside her estate, she maintains a number of escape methods so that she can get herself and Henry away if the estate is overrun. These include a helipad on the roof, an armoured Hummer HX or one of the armoured Phantoms, an escape tunnel to the dungeon under the motte-and-bailey with a connecting tunnel out of the estate, or as last resorts a motorcycle or the autogyro. Just recently she added a new method: a catamaran speedboat invented by Dr. Mabuse. It is designed to operate like an automobile, it can carry four passangers, and it has a top speed of 150 mph. It utilizes a propulsion system that uses an electromagnetic field to push water behind it, thereby pushing it forward. As a result it makes no noise and produces only a minor disturbance in water with a very small bow shock and wake. From any distance above, the wake is almost indistinguishable from that of a swimming goose or swan. The result is she and Henry could use the river that connects her estate with the River Great Ouse to escape an attack at high speed undetected, especially at night.

Sir Differel's trend of purchasing dwellings and vehicles has not yet run its course. She is considering obtaining a luxury personal submarine and a retreat in the Colorado Rockies.

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