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This page lists all published stories. Each link will take you to a page with a sample excerpt, followed by links to websites where you may purchase and download the story in question.

Short Stories, Novelettes, and Novellas

These form the bulk of the adventures of Sir Differel. They are presented in chronological order. We suggest you begin with this one, but in fact each stands on its own and they may be read in any order you like.

Though there is some disagreement as to what the proper length of each style of fiction should be, a generally accepted view places short stories at 1,000 to 7,500 words, novelettes at 7,500 to 17,500 words, and novellas at 17,500 to 40,000 words (though some people would extend that as far as 70,000 words). Anything longer than that is generally considered to be a novel.

  • Feline Savior—The origin story: how Sir Differel became head of the Van Helsing family, gained control of the Caerleon Order, and claimed Vlad Drakulya as her servant.
  • Man Friday—This story takes place right after the events in "Life of Duty", between the time she recovers in the infirmary and the funeral of Mr. Mistoffelees. One of the nurses tries to kill her, and she discover why, and how far the conspiracy against her extends.
  • Youthful Indiscretion—Henry finds and opens the Lament Configuration, summoning the Cenobites to the manor, and Sir Differel must find a way to force them back to Hell before they take him with them. With special Guest Stars, Eile and Sunny, Team Girl! Complete story.

Illustrations of Future Stories

Writing stories takes longer than drawing illustration for them. Normally we prefer to finish a story before creating the illustrations, but occasionally we get an idea that just can't wait. Rather than force our readers to wait to see them, we decided to post them in a special section below.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image. WARNING: Some images NSFW.

Beast of Exmoor 1

Beast of Exmoor 2

Deliberation of Morality

Dragonslayers 1

Dragonslayers 2

Dragonslayers 3

Feline Savior 1

Feline Savior 2

Feline Savior 3

Fun 'n' Games

Gourmand Hag

Man Friday 1

Man Friday 2

Man Friday 3

Oak Do Hate

Rhapsody in Orange


Youthful Indiscretion 1

Youthful Indiscretion 2

Youthful Indiscretion 3

Zombie Vogue 1

Zombie Walk 1

Zombie Walk 2

Zombie Walk 3

Zombie Walk 4

Zombie Walk 5


Drabbles are works of fiction that are 100 words in length. Like flash fiction, they must be traditional narratives. These are copyright © by Kevin L. O'Brien and may not be copied, printed, or distributed without permission. Go here to read drabbles describing Sir Differel's adventures.

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